Pluto Client Download

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[   ]pluto_FE_w32_de_0036.exe17-Nov-2007 16:33 2.5M
[   ]pluto_FE_w32_en_0036.exe17-Nov-2007 16:32 2.5M
[   ]pluto_FE_w32_de_0036_upgrade.zip17-Nov-2007 16:33 204K
[   ]pluto_FE_w32_en_0036_upgrade.zip17-Nov-2007 16:32 203K

Upgrade notice: The "upgrade" requires buildID 0035 installed and is provided for experienced users only. If you are unsure how to install it, use the standard installer.

Note: This release requires the Microsoft Scripting Control (msscript.ocx), which is already installed on most systems. If you experience "HTTP: FRDL: ActiveX Component" errors, your system may require an update, which can be obtained from Microsoft.